Fear Runs The Planet

Fear of the unknown, scary changes, things that are not the norm, and so much more tends to run the world. We are so scared of change. We as a society become so used to something that when things should change for the better, we think it’s wrong, disgusting, not normal and we should just stick to the customs that we created centuries ago. We never stop to think that things need to change especially when it comes to human rights. All of us don’t have to agree with everything nor participate in everything but we do need to stop being so judgmental, scared of the unknown, refuse change, stop letting fear take over our lives and let people be who they are without judgement. 

Way back when, people didn’t understand a woman’s period. Women had to stay in bed the whole time and it was looked at as disgusting. Times changed once we got over the fear and now we see it as a natural thing and women no longer have to stay in bed (unless they choose to from discomfort or pain). Women stayed home to take of the house while men made the money. Now, women are out there making money too. There was segregation and mixed marriages were not allowed. Now we can marry of any color (even though it is still looked down upon for some reason) and segregation is gone. There are many other examples.

We were able to get over the fear to have these things change for the better. They definitely need some work still but there has been a lot of progress. There are a lot of other things that I feel we need to get over and work on as a society. Here are my top 10.

1) Breast feeding in public – I still don’t understand why this is an issue. It’s a mother’s duty to feed her baby. Sometimes a baby doesn’t like to be covered up especially when it’s hot. There is nothing wrong with it at all even in public. There is nothing nasty about it and all kids see is a mom feeding her baby. I think it’s about time we let mom’s breast feed in public while the rest of us just don’t worry about it. We fear our kids are going to see a boob. Why? They won’t think anything of it. It’s only us adults that it make it a “nasty, uncomfortable” thing. We can learn a lot from kids.

2) Women going topless – I personally wouldn’t do this but I think women have the right to go topless if they choose to. Men do it so why can’t women? Women’s boobs get to be shown but god forbid if her nipple shows. This doesn’t make sense one bit. The only difference between a man’s “boobs” and women’s boobs is one set is flat and the other are “swollen”. Also, with women, they are looked at as a sexual thing. Men’s nipples are a sexual thing to women and gay men so again I say, what is the difference? I just don’t see why people are so afraid of this happening.

3) Porn – Why do we see this as a dirty thing? It’s not just for men and no it does not degrade women. Too much of it can ruin a relationship but so can other things if done too much. What does it matter what people watch behind closed doors and why do some try to fight it so bad? It’s just sex and some couples benefit from it. Some fear it will ruin relationships (it can but so can other things), it’s a sin (some how I think God doesn’t care if we watch people having sex) and other fears that it may stir up in someone.

4) Pot – For years we have been told pot is bad. It’s a gateway drug. Even though I agree that one shouldn’t sit there and smoke it all day long and that it can damage your brain cells, I also believe that part of the chemicals in pot actually help people. Pot isn’t a gateway drug. If one wants to do other drugs, they will do them whether they first start out with pot or not. Pot doesn’t hurt you like drinking does. Pot should be legal everywhere. Alcohol is far more dangerous and that is legal. Pot should be used as a medical thing even to kids (not the part that makes one high obviously). Instead of not fully understanding, fearing it and going against it, we need to find out the real information about it and let people do what they need to do (or want). It can be taxed and generate more money for the states. This law finally needs to be changed everywhere including by federal law. Many people can be helped from it.

5) BDSM/Fetishes – Let me first start off with fetishes. Everyone one of us has at least one. Some can be pretty odd but why should we judge what one is into if it doesn’t hurt anyone? Again there is unnecessary judgement. As for BDSM, I still don’t know why this is looked down on. People still have to hide what they are into for fear of judgement and other things. Some say it’s disgusting, degrading and abuse. It’s never those things IF there is consent and trust. There is a difference between abuse and BDSM. There are a lot of people out there that like to be tied up, spanked (sometimes really hard), gang banged and so much more. Nobody should have to hide from the things they like. Again it’s all about consent. We need to stop making these things so bad when it really isn’t. Every single one of us likes something freaky in the bedroom but just on different levels. There is so much fear and not understanding when it comes to this subject.

6) LGTB and more – I’ve talked about this before in other blogs. But I don’t think I’ve talked about the fear part much. We as a society are used to living a certain way. When that way changes, we become fearful of it, not understanding it and hide behind our faith using it as a reason why we don’t like it and how “it’s a sin”. NONE of the genders or “titles” of how someone lives their personal life is wrong in anyway. We can’t help what we like. Some people like mayo while others like miracle whip. It’s all who we are and nothing can change that. If someone is a certain way, they shouldn’t have to force themselves to be different or to “get help”. We need to start letting people be themselves. It doesn’t effect us. 

7) Prostitution – This profession is deemed disgusting, shameful and degrading. The only place in america that it’s legal is in Nevada. My question is why? If one doesn’t like prostitution, then don’t look for one. It’s not disgusting (people have sex all the time even with people they hardly know), there is no reason why it should be shameful and it’s not degrading to women if they make the choice to do it. It needs to be legal everywhere with guidelines and taxed (again can bring money to states). The men need to wear condoms at all times, the girls (or guys) need to be tested every so often and they can’t be on drugs or drunk (both the customers and prostitutes). Not only could it bring in more money, it would be safer for both the customer and the workers. Like pot, it’s long overdue and needs to be legal.

8) Race – Just like anything else, I don’t understand why this is even an issue. More so than anything else. The color of our skin is just our pigmentation being a different color. It has nothing to do with how we are as a person and/or how someone acts. Yes there very few differences on how certain groups of people behave but none of those things are good enough reasons to group someone a a category or be racist against them. Each individual is different and should be treated as such. Judge by someone’s behavior, not by the color of their skin, religion and so on. This racist crap just needs to go away. Nobody is perfect neither is one race. 

9) Transgender and bathrooms – This is one of the big ones where fear steps in and tries to rule of us. I just don’t it. Transgender people have been using the bathroom that they identity with since, well forever. It’s just something no one has talked about or thought about until the topic was brought up. Men have been sneaking into women’s bathrooms to assault them, kidnap kids etc since public bathrooms were invented. Nothing will stop them from doing it including laws. Some people don’t want men in the bathrooms with their little girls but if they have to uses the bathroom that they were born with, men will still be using the bathroom with little girls but on the outside they will look different. Men don’t want to use the bathroom with women but they will be if people have to use the bathroom they were born with. Either way, there is going to be a mixed gender using the same bathroom. Hell there are times I wanted to use the men’s bathroom because the ladies had a really long line and I had to pee too bad. If it wasn’t against the law, I would have. People just need and want a place to pee and shit. They are not there to harm anyone or to cause trouble. The reason behind people’s fear on why they want it illegal for trans to use their proper bathroom is just stupid and makes no sense (reasons above). If a man really wanted to sexually abuse a female, nothing will stop them and no it will not make it easier. People just need to get over themselves, stop letting fear rule them and let trans people use the bathroom they feel comfortable with.

10)Cussing/shielding our kids – I understanding teaching kids to not cuss until they get older. I understanding not letting them watch R rated movies etc. What I don’t get is shielding them from everything “bad” thinking it will harm them. They will hear bad words. There isn’t anything wrong with it as long as you teach them why they are bad and why they can’t use them until they are older. It’s not the end of the world if they happen to see a naked body part, find out about LGTB+ people or anything else. They understand more than we give them credit. Just explain things to them. They won’t be corrupted, they won’t die or anything if these things happen to them. If we are too afraid to expose them to certain things and shield them, they will learn or see these things else where without anyone explaining things to them that need to be explained. Also, it will make them want to go explore certain things on their own which can be dangerous. Fear can do more harm to our kids that it can protecting them.

Enough with the judgement. With the hate and being disrespectful. We are so much better than this. There needs to be more love instead of hate. We need to stop letting our fears take control and do more logical thinking and research. Stop letting religion dictate on what we think, believe and how we live our lives. There is nothing to fear of any of these things or anything else. 

Why does any of this really matter to anyone? Fear is the enemy. It’s like a disease. It’s the dictatorship of us. We need to stop it dead in it’s tracks. Fear is ahead of the game. We have to be bigger than fear. We need to be ahead. We need to look at it in the face and squish it. Fear is ruining this world and we are letting it. Why? Fear leads to hate, leads to uncertain, discomfort, judgement and violence. Fear is evil and destroys lives. We need to start kicking it out of our lives so the bad the things that come from it will no longer control the world.


One thought on “Fear Runs The Planet

  1. Wow long list and I was looking for the point that I would disagree and pretty much agree with all of it. Fear is the perfect word and most of people’s objections stem from it and ignorance. I doubt it will ever be kicked out however as it a great voting tool.

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