Transgender – What Bathrooms Should They Use?

Lately one of the heated topics that keep coming up is what bathrooms should transgenders use. Some say whatever they identify with and others say hell no because they don’t want males in the same bathrooms as their wife, sister, daughter etc.  Others say it will make it easier for predators to pretend they are trans so they can enter a woman’s bathroom and prey.

To be honest, I don’t understand any of the reasons why trans people should stay out of the bathrooms they identify with. Here is what it all comes down to.

1) Transgender people have been using the bathrooms that they identify with since, well forever. The ONLY reason it’s a hot topic now is because of damn politics. We just never really noticed if someone was a true male or female using the bathrooms with us because we are too busy doing our own business. 

2) Trans people are not in the bathrooms to sexually assault, harass etc, they are just there to use the bathroom like everyone else.

3) How about those predators that would take advantage of it, dress as a woman and prey on girls and women? Um, what has stopped them from doing it before/now? Anybody can walk into any bathroom to assault someone. Things will not change one bit so that argument of not wanting a guy in the same bathroom as your daughter, wife, sister, mom is pretty invalid.

4) If a guy is a trans woman and goes into the men’s room, they risk getting the crap beaten out of them or worse, looked at weird and bullied. If a woman is a trans guy and goes into the women’s room, everyone will think it’s a guy and maybe scare the little ones.

5) They need a place to pee. Using the bathroom of the gender they were born doesn’t work, using one that they identify with doesn’t work, where in the hell are they supposed to go? Not every place has a family bathroom nor can they put one in.  

I think we need to stop letting fear take over our thoughts and let these people pee in the bathroom that they identify with. We listen to the media and hate groups and let their messages get into our heads. We grew up in a different world so when stuff like this comes up, our first instinct is to panic. It’s time we let trans people go where they need to. I am a straight woman and I don’t care if a woman who used to be a man goes into the bathroom. I wouldn’t care if my daughter (if I had one) shared a bathroom with a trans person. 

If a predator wants to go into a bathroom to prey, he will do it no matter what the laws say because that’s what they do. It doesn’t make it easier. We can’t go around checking people in between the legs every time or toss someone out if we think they are trans. This fear and bigotry needs to just stop already.

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