LGTB – Not The Only Misunderstood

We have come a long way in life with excepting other people’s differences. Some of those progresses include allowing women to vote and having them earn a living as well, blacks have rights, mixed marriages are legal (although sometimes still looked down on) and now the LGTB community have their rights to marry and so on. Other countries are slowly stepping up. This is all great and I hope I live to see every country have equal rights and marriage. 

With the LGTB community getting more accepted, other things/people still get looked down upon. It not only boggles my mind that we CARE SO MUCH what goes on behind closed doors of other people’s lives. Just because we don’t understand something, don’t agree or it’s not for us, some of us think its wrong, disgusting and nobody should ever do it. 

In this blog I want to break down other groups and talk about it. These things should be talked about instead of being hidden and stop being made to feel like these things/lifestyles are bad and dirty. I hate labels. I hate that we have to use them and that we feel the need to label everything and everyone. I am starting to realize that EVERYTHING has a label of some sort and we do need them to describe something or someone. So listed below is everything I can think of and I talk a little about each one. To get everything out there and to make us really think about things.

Genders – People who are born (yes born) a certain way, feel a certain way towards another and feel about themselves.

Gay/Lesbian – Same sex relationships. There are so many different reasons why some people don’t support this. We are well on our way for this being accepted but we still have a lot of work to do. We have had ingrained in our heads that it’s one man, one woman.  

Straight – Obvious, opposite sex relationships. Still to a lot of people, this is normal.

Bi-Sexual – One can fall in love with either sex. The issues  are the same as gay/lesbian. There are some issues though that they that gays don’t. I keep seeing that bi’s tend to get a little more hate for different reasons. 

Transgender – When one feels like they are in the wrong body. This is some ways falls under the same as the other but I think there is more issues with this. It seems like some people have a harder time understanding transgender and they are having issues with marriage and stuff like what restrooms to use and when filling out paper work that ask for gender. They can feel even more isolated than bi and gays because it’s harder for them to fit in to either sex especially if they haven’t had surgeries. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have feelings of being in the wrong body and to have people look at you funny. There is still a longer ways to go for the trans community.

Lifestyle Choices – People who for some reason like/love what they like/love and choose to do. I guess in some way they too are born this way because one can never know WHY they like or hate something, they just do. At the same time, it’s also a choice.

Porn –  Watching scripted sex on the web, DVD’s, stories and photos of naked people. So many people have issues with this and think pron is dirty and degrading. I don’t understand why. It’s just sex. There is nothing wrong with sex. There is nothing wrong with the human body. If one wants to show it off in photos, who are we to say no. Sex is enjoyable and some love to have to have it often so why not make money from it? It’s not degrading at all. It’s providing entertainment and sometimes helps couples explore different things to spice up their sex lives. As long as the adults making the videos consent, use protection and are treated well, there is nothing degrading or wrong. Nobody is making people watch it. I just don’t know why this is considered dirty and wrong. Women are not being used as sex objects just like men are not being used as sex objects. 

Stripping – For some reason this is another “dirty” thing. It seems to be more ok for men to strip than it is for women to strip but it’s more of a secret for women to enjoy strippers (male or female) than it is for males to enjoy it. Men think women go ridiculously nuts at male strippers but yet they can get pretty bad themselves. Women get to strip all the way but guys can only strip down to their g-strings. First, again it’s not degrading for women to strip. If men can do it, so can women. There is nothing wrong with at it all. Men like looking at women and women like looking at men. It’s human nature for us so why not let there be money made from it? The only things I find wrong is that how some women get treated in the industry and that men can’t strip all the way down. It’s just bull. People shouldn’t be ashamed for stripping and it really shouldn’t be looked down on. If one doesn’t like it, do go to one.

Posing Nude – This can be for art, for some kind of advertisement (books, advertise a sex toy etc) or just entertainment. Again, we like to look at the human naked body whether we want to admit it or not. It’s in our nature. There is nothing wrong with it one bit. The human body can be an art form. This is also looked as dirty for some reason. If men do it, it’s ok but if women do it, it’s wrong. I will never understand this way of thinking. It really isn’t right. If it’s good for one sex, it’s good for the other.

Sex For Money – Hookers/prostitutes, call girls etc. There are different names if this type of business and a lot of people see it as dirty and wrong. Nevada is the only state where it’s legal (at least in some parts). I don’t see why it can’t be legal in other places. If it was, things can be more controlled. Women wouldn’t be abused by their pimps, the drugs and STD’s would be controlled so much better, overall, it would be better for women (and men) if it’s was legal and controlled. It’s not degrading either. Yes there are better jobs out there but sometimes it’s very very difficult to get those jobs even with a good education. Sometimes life happens and one must do something to make money even for short term. Yes some get into it that wish they weren’t but if it was a better environment and was to keep their money, they might feel a little better and could use the money they get to make their life better. This being another dirty secret doesn’t help. It is up to everyone to decide what they want to do with their own bodies and they shouldn’t be looked down upon for it. It’s not shameful. The taxes from it could also help our states. We need to stop making this a dirty thing and make it legal everywhere and more safe for the women that do it.

Sex Toys – This is a hidden dirty secret that a lot of people feel ashamed about and feel they need to hide their sex toys (maybe not for all but enough). I don’t get this either. Sex toys are not a dirty thing. It helps bring excitement and if one one doesn’t have a partner, well there are toys to help satisfy yourself. Yet if someone was to find out that someone has them, it’s looked at as gross and or weird. 

Masturbation – Yes someone doesn’t need to go around and talk about what they do to please themselves or if they do it but why is it shameful? Why do we make it to be so dirty?  It feels good to have that sexual pleasure and if you don’t have a partner or just can’t find someone to have sex with, why not give yourself that release? Our bodies need that release (if we are not A sexual). Plus, it’s good to know your body and what you like.  Just about everyone does it so why is it dirty?

Lifestyles – People who are born this way and really feel about what they do. It’s a need not a want in their life and they can’t change it just like how one can’t change their who they love (LGTB). 

BDSM – I won’t go too deep into this since I wrote a blog about it already. This is kinky sex/play: spanking, blindfold, restraints/tie up, needle play, wax play, and so many other things. So many look down on this kind of thing. They think it’s wrong, abuse and disgusting behavior. I think this needs to be talked about more because there is nothing wrong doing kinky things to bring pleasure. Some things I don’t understand how someone can get into a head-space by certain things but who am I to judge.

Pan-Sexual – When someone doesn’t care the gender of someone, they can love any gender. This could also be in the genders. They see themselves for who they are but their love for someone has no gender. Male, female, trans; they don’t care. 

Polyandrous -When someone is in love or has a certain love for more than one person; a relationship with more than one person basically. Yes people can be born this way too. It’s not a choice. People fall in love with more than one person and it doesn’t make it the love any less. This isn’t for anybody but if people are in this kind of relationship, there is nothing wrong as long as everyone agrees with it and there are no secrets etc.

Poly-Sexual- This is like polyandrous but isn’t so focus on the relationship part as much. “Polysexuality is the attraction to multiple genders and/or sexes. A polysexual person is one “encompassing or characterized by many different kinds of sexuality.”

Open Relationships – When a couple decides to date other people but still be involved with each other. I’ve heard different reasons why some couples do this. This doesn’t work for everyone but I guess for some it does. 

Monogamous – When someone wants to be with only one person at a time. This is considered to be the “normal” way of life yet there are too many cheaters.

Polygamy –  When  a man has more than one wife. This usually happens in religions. I think the only ones I see to be a bad thing is when they are in cults but consider to be religious and have abuse and controlling going on (like the FLDS). If everyone consents and there are no abuse and controlling going on, I don’t see what they issue is.

A Sexual – When people are not interested in sex at all with anybody. I’m sure people that are A sexual get a lot of heat. Like any other person, they can’t help what they are not into. They are who they are.

Swingers – When couples hook up with other couples. I’m sure there are different ways it happens like all four people together, they just switches partners for a night or whatever it is they agree on. I guess this would be more of lifestyle choices. I’m not sure. I haven’t done much research on this (mostly due to personal reasons). Whether it’s an actual choice or it’s just who they are. I still don’t see what the harm is if everyone consents to it. There’s nothing wrong with it one bit.

All of these things/people get looked down upon for some reason. What’s wrong is judging people for who they are. We as humans can’t help what we like or are into, it’s just the way we are born. Just because some may not agree or like it, doesn’t make it wrong or disgusting. I am sure there are other lifestyles out there that I didn’t list but that doesn’t mean it’s less important.

We need to not just fight for LGTB, but for everyone who is different than the “average” person. Every single person deserves to be happy and to live their life without judgement. If you really think about it, there is a little bit of  these things already inside of all of us. There are just some that are more into certain things than others. We may never know why some people are into certain things or are a certain way; the brain is a very mysterious thing. There is one thing I do know and that’s that we are born the way we are period. The only thing that we are not born with is prejudice, hate and with judgement. Those things are taught to us. It’s about time we are free as humans with no fear to be ourselves.

These things will never lead to sex with animals, sex or marriage to kids, our kids won’t be harmed by these things. Marriage won’t and can’t be harmed either, only cheating, abuse, divorce etc destroys marriages. Religion doesn’t play apart in these things either especially since everyone has a different belief. Man brought religion into everything to try and justify how they live and what they believe. I could go more into this but I won’t. I just think it’s about time we start talking everything that’s out there and be more open about life. Stop the hate and lets be free to be who we really are.

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