Water/Amusement Parks Not For Everyone

I have to admit, I have never really been to a water park. One reason is because I don’t swim. The other reasons, can’t climb those stairs to get to the top. I can’t climb them because Not only am I terrified of heights but because I have asthma (which is the main reason).

When I have gone to amusement parks especially that have water parks in them, there is one thing I’ve noticed, they only have stairs. I notice this on some basic rides too. I feel this is a big issue that needs to be addressed by amusement/water parks everywhere.

People who are handicapped, have asthma etc, can’t enjoy these rides. I find this to be pretty sad. I understand rides where you have to hang on etc and those who can’t, won’t be able to do it but I’m not talking about those ones.

People with handicaps should be able to enjoy these things like everyone else. Besides stairs, there should be an elevator (have both or just the elevator). I realize it will take a lot of money but if one is going to put in water stuff or an awesome tall ride, put in the extra for that elevator. Everyone deserves to be able to have that fun if they choose too.

I understand that not every ride can cater to the handicap but there needs to be more. We have the tools and technology so it needs to happen. It’s only right.

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