If I Won The Lotto

Everyone has this talk, what if they won the lotto. What would they do. I often have this conversation and thoughts. Whatever I would do, would also depend on how much I would win.

If I won just the regular lotto the main things I would do:

Save a good part of it and let the interest build. I would donate to different  charities  and do this every so often. Help my parents out, my sister, my kids and a couple of good friends. Pay off everything and anyone that is owed money. Start flipping houses and go on a well needed vacation. I would spend some, buy a house on a really good piece of property. I would also be able to do more with my photography. 

If I won something like the power ball that gave me a SHIT load of money even after taxes:

Travel the world (well to the safe areas anyways), still do everything above. I would also special things during the holidays for those less fortunate. I could do some of it even if I won the regular lotto but I could do so much more if I won even bigger. I would even do it a little of it during non-holidays. I would open a no kill animals shelter on a large piece of land so there would be enough room for the animals to have big open spaces to roam free instead of being in cages. Open a homeless shelter for the LGTB teens that get tossed out by their families. Open some kind of apartments for struggling/homeless people and help them find jobs so they can get on their feet. It would be like shelters but like apartments so they could have privacy and would feel better since they won’t be in a regular shelter.

I would also want to open a state of the art drive in that could also be used year-round. Not sure how I would make it work but I would. There would be some kind of digital speakers because hearing the movie through the radio can be difficult especially since it will run the car battery down and older cars may not be able to get it in.

I also want to create an ultimate fun community park. It would be on a huge acre. During Halloween, Christmas, Easter and 4th of July, there would be decorations and festivals. During non-holidays, there could be still all kinds of things like concerts and other shows, a skating rink, arcade and all kinds of other fun things both for indoor and outdoors.

I wouldn’t make it public if I won because I wouldn’t want family members coming out of no where, being sued for everything and so on. I wouldn’t mind helping people in need but I would have to keep it under control for obvious reasons.

Oh and I would like to find old abandon houses and fix them so they could be lived in again. They are beautiful in that weird way but it would also be nice to bring them to life again. Make sure schools have good art programs. I wouldn’t mind having some kind of center for after school programs that will have sports and different types of art things going. It would be next to nothing or free so parents who can’t afford day care can have their kids there.

So that is what I would do if I won the lotto. How about you?

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