To Keep A Baby Or Not….

So I am finally catching up on ‘The Walking Dead’. I’m on season 2 right now and a question came up that got me thinking and wondering what would I do.

A character found out that she is pregnant. She tried to take some morning after pills but threw them up by choice. Her husband found the pills and they got into an argument. She is still thinking about trying to get rid of it while he wants to keep it.

So the question is: In the middle of a zombie apocalypse where humans are scarce, no medical treatments are available, hardly any meds, hardly any safe shelter (if any really), always fighting for your life, every sound draws them near; do you keep the baby or not if you (or your partner) ends up pregnant?

In a normal situation, I personally wouldn’t have an abortion unless the baby’s life was in critical danger. I don’t judge when others do it but this is my choice. If there is a zombie apocalypse, technically the baby’s life would be in constant critical danger. Every time it cries, it would run a risk of drawing the zombies in. It will need medical help at some point and there wouldn’t be any. Food and water would be scarce. You would always be on the run even if you found a “stable” place to stay (you will still be at risk especially when going out for supplies). You also don’t know if there is a cure or if there will ever be one.

To keep the human race going, one needs to have babies but would this be a safe environment to raise a kid and would it be worth it? How could one raise a kid like that? On the other hand, there could still be a chance of survival for the human race and for the baby.

This is a really hard choice for me (thank God I don’t have to actually make it) and I really don’t know what I would want to do. I can strongly see both sides to this and both are very good arguments and would apply to any kind of end of the world/apocalypse. This is one decision I would not want to make and hope I never have to.


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