A Bucket-List Experience – NOH8 Campaign

So one of the things on my bucket-list was to do a photo shoot for the NOH8 campaign. The past couple of times they were here, I couldn’t do it because I found out too late and/or I didn’t have the money. This time I knew a head of time and had the money.

They prefer you wear a white shirt and since I don’t own any, I had to get one. It wasn’t a big deal since Wal-mart has them for $5. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what else I wanted to do. I didn’t know how it all worked but I know you could take in props. I thought about taking in my camera (I actually had it on me so I could take my own photos at a park but I didn’t have it on me for the shoot) but I’ve seen quite a few photos where people brought in their camera so I decided not to. After all my thinking, I finally decided to just paint my nails black and red (the colors of the logo) and where red beads ($1 store Mardi Gra beads).

I was a little nervous because I don’t like being in front of the camera, I rather be behind one. Doing this was a little out of my comfort zone which is another reason why I wanted to do it. I got to the place a little after two. The line was a little long to get inside but it wasn’t too bad since they opened the doors at 2. I had to sign a paper stating that I will allow them to take my photo, use it for their campaign and so on. I also had to state if I was alone or going to be in a group, I was alone.

I think I was in line about an hour before I got inside but it didn’t seem that long. Once inside, I had to go to a table to have them put the temporary tattoo on my face. It’s just one of those kind that you wet the back. Then I had to stand in another line that led to the photographer Adam Bouska. I’ve seen pictures of him on the web and so to finally “meet” him was a little exciting (hey I’m a photographer too and I admire his work).

This line moved pretty quick. Most of the people there I think were doing group photos or both group and single. There were some kids too. Oh I forgot, before I got inline that led to Adam, I stopped by their merchandise table. I wanted a t-shirt but didn’t have the money on me. It’s ok since I know I can get them on-line. I did get a $5 dog tag that says NOH8. They had patches, stickers, one of those rubber bracelets and I think a few other things.

Anyways, I get into the room where the photos were being taken gave them my money and stood in a much smaller line. I got to the start of the line and stepped up to the side of the photo section so they could put the duct tape over my mouth.

While I was doing these last few things, I was able to see that Adam was telling everyone how to pose which is good because I know nothing about posing. I also noticed that the photo set up was pretty simple and actually had me very curious and wish I had time to chat with him to find out exactly what he was doing. There was no big bulking light set up. Instead, there was a black box that his camera was plugged into, a fancy ring flash around his lens (it’s a flash that is a circle and sits over the body of the lens. It makes the flash more even) and a flash unit sitting on top of his camera which was pointed backwards. This puzzled me because there was nothing for that flash to bounce off of. It’s one of the reasons why I wish I could have talked to him about his set up. Plus I wanted to know more about that black box (sorry for the boring photo talk but it’s what I was thinking).

I get up there and Adam really knew what he was doing (which he obviously has too). He made me feel real comfortable which is probably a first. He was quick with his ideas for the poses which also impressed me. After a few shots, he gave me a hug and said thanks (he did it with everyone but it was still was nice).

Adam seems to be a very nice guy and is amazing at his job. I only hope that one day I can be that comfortable and awesome. I wouldn’t mind doing it again next year.

After the photo shoot, I decided to walk to one of the nearby parks; City Park. This park is several blocks long, has a pond, a small “lake” where you can rent paddle boats etc during the summer, a recreation center, the history museum, 2 playgrounds, the zoo, different statues throughout the park and so on. A lot of things are held here like races, Zombie run and so on. Today apparently there was a bike race going on. I took some shots and saw somebody crash. :/ Luckily the guy was ok and a few others helped the guy which was nice of them. I walked around towards the history museum and took a bunch of shots then worked my way back to where I started so I could go eat. By this time I was starving and tired. I stopped at Chipolte to grab a chicken bowl then just came home. I’m so exhausted.

So one thing can be taken off my bucket list. I’m really glad I did it. If you’re still reading this, thanks for sticking around. I just wanted to get my thoughts and feelings out about my day. Below is a photo I took after my long day. Have a good one and take care 😀



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