Men & Women – Why Are We Treated Differently?

I just read a blog similar to this topic and it inspired me to write my own.

So the question is, why are men and women looked at and treated differently? Why is it ok for one sex to behave a certain way but not the other? Why are other countries even worse when it comes to the treatment of women? I wish  had the answer to this. I don’t even think people who study human behavior can really give an answer.

Rape – Men rape women, women rape men. When women rape men, men are looked at as weak because they are supposed to be strong and not be “over taken” by a women. So naturally men tend not to report it. I’m sure it happens more than it’s talked about. Maybe if we were to talk about it just as much as a woman being raped, then it would be less looked down on. Just maybe.

If a woman gets raped, it’s her fault. She shouldn’t have dressed that way, she shouldn’t have been that drunk, she really wanted it but didn’t know it and the list goes on. These are some of the popular things that some people say. I can’t even comprehend why some people would even think these things. So basically, if a woman gets raped, it’s her fault and if a man gets raped, he’s a wuss and probably a liar. Either way, both are looked down upon but for different reasons. Neither one should be looked down upon.

Can’t leave out if there is a false accusation. If woman says a man raped her, it must be true. If a man says a woman raped him, he must be lying. How twisted is that?

Strip Clubs/Oodling of Opposite Sex – If man goes into some kind of strip club, they are perverts and disgusting; how could they. If a woman goes into a male strip club, it’s ok. What the hell? Why on earth is it ok for women to do these things but not guys? Why can a girl check out a guy but when a man does it, it’s bad? If a guy poses in a girl magazine it’s ok but when a girl poses in boy magazine it’s bad. Guys are sex objects just like women but again it’s all looked at differently. It’s degrading when women do it but not guys. Please.

We humans are sexual creatures by nature. Why can’t we just be ok with it no matter who is doing what?

Lots Of Partners – When a guy has had lots of different sex partners, it’s ok. When a woman has lots of partners, she is considered a slut/whore. This doesn’t make sense to me. Yes guys have the thing where they are supposed to just want to plant their seed everywhere and women are supposed to be the caregivers and stay at home. We don’t live in the dark ages anymore. We are finding out that women do indeed think and want sex just as much as men. Women shouldn’t be given the bad wrap if they just want sex and not a relationship.

Abuse – Men should never hit a woman. Women should never hit a man either. Abuse is abuse. If either one gets hit, the victim must have done something to deserve it. This is mostly true (how some people think) when it comes to a female hitting a male. Some women even think it’s ok if a woman gets hit by a man. How is this? The ONLY time anybody should hit anyone is in actual self defense. Men may be stronger but women can be very violent just as much as men. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in a violent relationship so I can’t judge but I will never understand. If the abuser says they are sorry, it will never happen again, I was drunk or stressed etc etc, it’s bull. True love is not about hitting someone. If the abuser needs help, fine but the victim needs to get away first. IT IS NEVER YOUR FAULT FOR GETTING HIT. IT WILL NEVER STOP. GET HELP NO MATTER HOW SCARED OR ASHAMED YOU ARE ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE KIDS.

Cheating – Lets face it, both men and women cheat. Don’t know why but it happens. In other countries, the women get all the blame and can get tortured or killed for it. Why is this? It takes two to tango and sometimes the woman doesn’t know if the guy is involved with someone else (and vice versa). It’s like it’s ok for a guy to cheat because it’s expected but a woman just needs to serve her man and has to be perfect. This is just so disgusting behavior and sad. I will never understand it.

I guess I will never understand why women and men get treated so differently when we are the same. We’re people and both should be treated equally. Sometimes it just drives me a little nuts when I hear about certain things.


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