It’s sad to see and hear what we do to each other. How we treat one another. Fighting over religion, who is right and wrong, who is bigger and has more power. Having too much control. Governments (all over the world) trying to tell us how to live our personal lives (minus the obvious laws that we need). Wanting more and more at all cost.


People still have to fight for simple human rights around the world. Some trying to push their beliefs onto others; thinking that since they live a certain way, others should too. Not being able to see everyone as individuals with different ways of life then accepting them even if we don’t agree. Some parents willing to toss their own children out just because they can’t accept them for who they are. Women being told what they can and can’t do with their own bodies.


We argue who is politically correct during the holidays. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, does it REALLY matter? Just showing respect and courtesy should be enough. Fighting over things that create violence and stampedes forgetting what is REALLY important in life.


Losing the human connection while we dive into our devices. Never fearing what we say to one another as we sit behind a screen. Being in a room full of people and still being alone as everyone hardly speaks. We have lost something in just a short time as we gained easier ways to live. Bullies have it easier while victims lash out more. Cheating has become the norm. Why? If not happy, just leave. Better yet, communicate anyway you can (in a postive way). We lost our inner child. Why? We turn to things to comfort us instead of each other. Why?


We judge when we don’t really know. We fear what is different. We turn our backs to things that we should embrace. A cover is more important than what’s on the inside. We fail to see the REAL beauty. We ignore what we don’t understand.


Parents too scared to punish in fear of getting in trouble creating frustration and kids who do what they please. Some don’t pay attention, don’t give the right kind of things. Some are too controlling, creating the same things in their kids if they didn’t care at all.


We put on a mask, afraid to reveal what’s really there. Not having the confidence to go out and face the fear. We see the reflections and dislike what is reflected back. We’re too busy with everything, not having time for ourselves, for our family. So stressed and angry that we turn to other things and people instead.


We get so wrapped up on little things and don’t concentrate on what’s REALLY important. Cuss words on tv, a little skin, breast feeding in public, kids accidently seeing things they shouldn’t, porn, strip clubs; who really cares? Putting the focus on more serious issues should be applied.


People struggling to eat, to have a home, to survive. They wish they could have what we do and take for granted. All kinds of abuse. Using violence to resolve things. Our mental health system is screwed leaving the mentally ill to fend for themselves; then they commit unspeakable acts. Who’s fault is it really? Lashing out on things and people. Getting harder to defend ourselves. To protect. Turning our heads the other way instead of doing what’s right and needed. Everything is a pandemic. Or is it really? So many other things.

I didn’t mean to do a sad blog. I was just inspired by things I see and hear in daily life. The news, just what I encounter and in my personal life. I know not everyone is like this but these things do go on and every one of us has done or felt at least of one of these things. That’s ok, we’re human. This is the human race. It’s an interesting world.

There are just as much positive things in life too. I think it’s important to embrace those positive things as much as we can. To try to be the best person we can be to ourselves and each other. Embrace the differences in others even if don’t agree. To not judge others until you open that book and give it/them a chance. Life really is beautiful even during the hard times. We need to take a hard look at ourselves and chance what we don’t like. It’s never to late. These things popped in my head so I wanted to get it out. One must see both the ugly and the beautiful to really appreciate life.

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