Hologram Of Michael Jackson

I’m sure everyone has heard it by now even if you didn’t watch the Billboard awards show last night, the hologram Michael Jackson performance. I stopped watching award shows sometime in the 90’s but last night I decided what the hell so I tuned into the Billboard awards. When I heard they were doing something to honor Michael Jackson, I couldn’t wait to see it. Now that I’ve seen it, I have mixed feelings about it.

There are a lot of comments about last night’s performance. Those comments are very mixed with people loving it, hating it, liking it but with complaints. Then there are comments from people who think they know Michael and how he would feel about being a hologram and comments saying how some are not TRUE MJ fans if….fill in the blank.

I could go into so many different things about how things are being handled when it comes to MJ but I will save that for a future blog. This is about last night, my point of view as a huge MJ fan.

I have heard of holograms being done of people but I never saw it and didn’t know really what to expect. I do have to say, it’s all pretty interesting. Last night though, I didn’t like it but I didn’t hate it. It looks like they used a MJ look alike and turned him into a hologram. Now I know this whole hologram thing isn’t perfect especially since it’s still a new thing but things just didn’t seem right. 

This projection like I said, looked like someone trying to be MJ. The built was a little off, the face didn’t look right and the dance moves, well they were good but definitely someone trying to dance like him. There wasn’t a whole lot of dancing, it wasn’t smooth, there was no emotion to it (I know it’s hard to have emotion when it’s a projection but still) and it seemed like the guy that did the moves was a little uncomfortable. All of this threw me off.

It some ways it felt weird to me. It did make me sad knowing that we will never get to see him put on amazing performances again and how much I missed them/him. In other ways it felt like the people who put this together was just trying to promote the album that is out instead of honoring MJ. There are so many ways they could have pay tribute but they went with using “his new song” and a look-a-like hologram.

On the other hand, it was some what entertaining. It blows my mind what we can do today with technology. The backup dancers were really good. Even though I just stated above that I feel like it was more of a promotion, I also like that they added MJ to the show, reminding us what we had, what and who we lost. Reminding us what amazing talent he had even if you didn’t like him in general.

What I would have liked to see as a honor to MJ is different holograms of some of his greatest performances from the start of his career to the end. Fans (famous and not famous and on a screen) saying things like what MJ meant to them and how great of an entertainer he was, clips of home videos showing the real Michael and not just the performer. Clips of different impersonators. Little things like that while playing different clips of music.

I think when a famous singer dies, we try so hard to keep them alive that we can sometimes over do it. We can keep MJ (and anybody else) alive by never forgetting his talent, never stop listening to his music, continue to be inspired by his work and celebrating his career. 

Nobody really knows how Michael would feel about everything that has been going on except for him so why do we continue to talk like we knew him personally and we know how he would feel? Crazy stuff. We are all fans and no one is a better fan than the other. Everyone “walked away” last night with different feelings and what it may or may not have meant to them. That’s ok, it’s what makes this world interesting.

Last night’s show for me was just meh. Could have been better, could have been done different. Whether they did the hologram performance to just promote or to honor, I think we can agree on two things; Michael Jackson had amazing talent and there will never be anyone like him. He will always live in our hearts. He is, the King Of Pop.


One thought on “Hologram Of Michael Jackson

  1. I’m undecided for all the reasons you pointed out here and especially because MJ was a perfectionist. That was at the core of his art. The people handling all his output now are not.

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