My Crazy Day

NOTE: RATED T+ FOR TEENS AND OLDER. This is not for kids to read. There is no way to put a block on this one post. The only thing that makes this not a kid’s story is the cuss words. I wanted to share this little story because I like the way it turned out and I think it might bring a smile to some faces even if one doesn’t know some of the people I talk about or are not fans of the people I talk about. Everyone has a crazy, annoying day. I just turned it into a story. Enjoy and I hope it brings a smile to your face and laughter in your stressful day. 

Chapter 1
What a crazy day I’ve had. When I woke up this morning & headed for the bathroom, I some how tripped over my own feet, slamming myself into the wall while stubbing my toe.
I go into the kitchen to make myself breakfast, didn’t see my cat walk right in my path & stepped on her tail. Poor thing. I pour my cereal, went to get the milk but it was gone. UGH! So I make eggs. Everything is fine but then I saw a piece of shell in my eggs. I go to take it out & burn myself, drop the spatula in the process.
Things start to calm down until I take my shower. I forgot to check the water before I climbed in so naturally I freeze my ass off, found a bug bite on my ass, cut myself shaving, got shampoo in my eye & realized I had no wash cloth to wipe my face.
As I go to brush my teeth, the toothpaste falls off my toothbrush before hitting my mouth. How does this happen? This day has barely started & already I want to crawl back to bed.
Chapter 2 
I was planning on taking a trip to downtown but first I wanted to check a few things on the computer. I see Donnie Wahlberg on twitter giving out twitter hugs. I decided what the hell even though I’ve had my fair share. I just won’t try as hard. My cat jumps up on the desk & is in the way as I start to type my tweet to him. The cat steps on the keyboard putting up random letters & then steps on the ‘Enter’ key before I can stop her!!
I am sitting there hoping that this is the one tweet he doesn’t see. Then, there it is, a response from Donnie: “Um, sorry? lol”
Could this day get any worse? The embarrassment! I tweet him again explaining what happened ending it with a twug. Not only did he see my second tweet but responded again (hehe): “lmao. TWUGS!! Twugs to your kitty too!”
I have to say, his tweets brightened my day. 😀
Chapter 3
I get downtown to do some photography. So far nothing else has happened. As I start to walk towards my favorite place to eat downtown thinking maybe my day has turned for the better, I bump into this guy.
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry. It’s been that kind of day for me.” I say to the guy who has the most intoxicating smell.
As we both look at each other, I realize that the man I bumped into was Darren Hayes! I knew he was coming to the states for a little getaway but I didn’t know he was coming here. He recognized me from interacting with him on the internet. We chatted for a bit. Both of us mentioned how hungry we were so I nervously asked him if I could treat him to my favorite place. He accepted. Holy crap, my day is getting better.
We are having a good time talking, eating, laughing & being silly. At one point Darren said something really funny (you know the side-splitting funny things). When I went to put my hand down, it hit my fork which sent it upwards & flipping in the air! SERIOUSLY! Why now? Why in front of Darren?  I turned so red but it just got us laughing & making more jokes. I guess it’s not all that bad, but still!
I finally get home & in one piece. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone out with the day I had but then I wouldn’t have met Darren.
I’m lying there on the couch thinking about my day & just random things in life. They were coming & going like lightning. I decided to write (at least try) what was going through my head. I reach for my pen & paper then bam, the thoughts flew away like a bird. Grrrrr. I smack my head with the pen still in my hand. Ouch, that hurt! It left a pen mark on my head.
After chatting with a friend on FB for a few hours, I figured I would try to relax with a movie & a small bowl of ice cream. As I am scooping the ice cream out of the container, a scoop got away. It fell on the floor & rolled under the refrigerator! DAMMIT! Ice cream is supposed to go plop, not fucking roll! It rolled far back enough that I couldn’t get to it. I’ll just clean it up tomorrow.
I end my day by watching my movie & getting all snuggly in my bed. I reflect on everything that happened to me today. Wow, what a crazy but pretty awesome day I had. I just smiled & went to sleep hoping the next day will be better, well some of it anyways.

This is obviously a fiction story. It just came to me when I went to write a blog about the things that were going through my head. There is a little truth to it though. I think one time me or somebody else hit a fork & it flipped in the air. Donnie has sent me several tweets & one of my fears is that my cat will step on the computer & hit enter when I am chatting with someone like Donnie or Darren. I do have a favorite place to eat downtown when I can go there. There have been times when the toothpaste has fallen off my toothbrush as I am putting it in my mouth. Random & crazy things do come & go in my head faster than I can write which drives me nuts. Now the ice cream thing really did happen to me!  lol


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