What Is Your Number?

It seems like lately everywhere I turn, I am being asked for my phone number by websites. I know I’m awesome but seriously. 😛 Just kidding. But seriously, I don’t know about anybody else, but I am really getting tired of this. They say it’s for privacy reasons and that they will send the password to your phone if we forget it. How stupid do they think we are?

They don’t need our phone number. When we forget our password, we can change it through our email. I realize a lot of people do things on their phone but they can do it from the net on their phone so it shouldn’t change anything. Sites like Twitter or Facebook I can understand because if you want tweets, messages etc sent to your phone from them, then yes they do need it. Just trying to view your email, starting up a new email, viewing paypal, signing up for sites like Flickr etc, those sites do not need our personal information like that. It is getting to the point that they are being almost forceful with it. Pretty soon we won’t be able to do anything unless we give them our number.

Usually one could just enter any numbers but if we did that in this case, someone else just might get our information. We should be able to opt out without being asked time and time again. I am a photographer and like to use good web sites like Flickr to help promote myself but at what cost should I do that? Flickr doesn’t even give you an option to opt out. Writing to these companies complaining will probably do nothing and they will try to tell you it’s for your protection. Such bullshit. I am not a sheep and will not do something just because. Thing is, it might come down to not having a choice.

I think something needs to be put in place so these sites can stop asking for our personal information when it’s not needed. Being on the internet already puts us and our business out there making us more vulnerable and hardly any privacy. By doing this, it makes it a lot worse. I am tired of these big companies thinking they can get away with this kind of crap knowing most people will do it without thinking about it. They lie to us saying how it’s for our own good. We as customers need to do more standing up to big companies when they try to screw the customers. If they get enough people willing to do something about the bad situations, things can be changed. Problem is, there needs to be enough people to stand up and say hell no. One person can make a difference but a large amount of people can do even more. I am sure I will get ignored but I am going to have my say because I don’t want to turn into an internet zombie/robot. Enough is enough.




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