My Photography

About a year or so ago, I joined a website called ‘fine art america’. If you draw, paint, a photographer, make ceramics etc, you can sell your stuff on there. You can do a free sign up or pay for a year and get to do more stuff. One can set their own prices for their stuff and get that money when something sells. Since I really want to be a photographer (professional), I figured it would be a great way to try to sell my work.

It has been hard because everyone has to promote themselves. The site is just there as an outlet to make it easier to sell your art. For awhile I had the free account which meant I could only sell 25 photos at a time. Well Yesterday I was finally able to sign up for the premium account. So now I have all my photos that are on the site for sale. I will be adding lots more over time. I really hope that now I can start selling my photos.

Photography can be a hard thing to get into these days. It’s much easier with a digital camera but now photographers have to be even more creative now that everyone has a camera and takes photos. I mostly take nature, city and do my best at still life. I want to learn, portrait, concerts, learn more about still life, light painting (it’s freakin’ awesome and lots of creativity) and I want to learn about photo manipulation (the Photoshop though cost a few limbs).   I want to have my photos in calendars, greeting cards, postcards, posters, canvas and so on. I am really hoping I have the chance to get to do these things. Until then, I have fine art america. 🙂

If you are looking for that certain photo for yourself or someone else or if you know someone who is looking for photos, below is a link to my page. Check back often as I have lots and lots of photos waiting to be put up.


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