A Little Info About Me

I thought I would do something that is simple and tell a little about myself. I love music, movies and tv. My favorite male artist are Michael Jackson and Darren Hayes (formerly known as Savage Garden). As for favorite movies and tv shows, there are too many and I like different categories.

I am into the paranormal, being both a believer and a skeptic.  How can I be both? Well I believe in trying to debunk things first. What may seem to be paranormal, may just be be something easily explained. Plus, there are way too many fakes out there, I need more proof than a story, feeling sound etc. I also don’t believe in everything paranormal, some things just seem too far out there. Some things I just don’t know if it’s real and I REALLY don’t want to find out for sure. I watch two paranormal tv shows, ‘Ghost Hunters’ and ‘Ghost Adventures’. Any other tv show like that I just can’t get into. Maybe someday I will post about my own experiences and my real thoughts on the two shows I watch.

Sometimes I like to write. I’ve written over 100 poems and have written a small amount of stories. I haven’t written many poems lately, my muse kinda faded in that department. I’m currently looking for a new muse so I can write more. My stories are mostly kid stories. I would like to publish them but I don’t know how to do that. Plus, kid stories needs drawings, I don’t draw. I need an artist that I can trust, work with and won’t care about not getting paid since I don’t have money to pay unless the stories turned into books and I got lots of money for them. Until then, I just post them on the web in blogs. I have also wrote a few stories for close friends that I will never publish in any way. A couple of my stories have been silly with some adult content mainly for the cussing. I am currently working on a paranormal story but it is taking me forever to complete it; that kind of writing is new to me and takes me awhile to get into it. I do have some unfinished stories that I hope to get back into soon. I sometimes like to just ramble about things, important life things, silly things or whatever pops in my head. I will be sharing more of those blogs over time and write-up new ones.

Another thing I like to do is photography. Actually, I want this to be a career but unfortunately I chose something that is hard and expensive to get into. New technology is always popping up, almost everything has a camera which makes “everyone a photographer” these days. That means I (and others) have to be even more creative. I have never taken classes due to money but I am slowly learning on my own and from other people. For me I think it’s better to get hands on training anyways. I want to sell my photos (framed, canvas etc), have them on calendars, postcards, puzzles, greeting cards, hanging in businesses etc etc. Thing is, I am not sure how to get into all of that. Stock photo is so hard to get into, some things take money and I am not good promoting myself especially having social anxiety. I take city and nature but want to learn portrait, still, light painting, concerts, infrared and photo manipulation.  I do have my photos on a web site that lets me sell them and they handle all the printing and shipping. It’s a cool site. Thing is though, I can only sell 25 photos at a time since I have the free account but can have as many as I want uploaded. Hopefully in April I can really join so all of my photos will be for sale. Until then, I have only 25 that I change from time to time and hope someone will message me about a photo that isn’t for sale so I can make it available. Below is just one of my photos, taking when I was out with a photography group. The web site where I have my photos is  http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-teresa-thomas.html (yes I admit I am doing a little promoting here, can’t blame me for trying right? 🙂 ) The photos that are my avi and is the header, are done by me too. Well that is some info about me. Thanks for reading 🙂



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