NOTE: The dash is supposed to be over the last E but computers don’t have that function. I got the elephant when I was a baby/toddler. My mom came up with the name and I stuck with it. I knew I had to write a story about him and so I finally came up with one. Here it is:

Elephante’ was an elephant who was different from the others. He was fascinated by everything, enjoyed music that others weren’t into, was into art, liked to create stories and pretty much kept to himself. He always felt alone and out-of-place. When he would try to make friends, he was ignored and they talked mean to him. They thought he was weird, looked at him like he was something from the sewer pits and whispered things behind his back.

One day Elephante’ went out with his mom to some garage sales. On one of their stops, he started looking through things on his own when something caught his attention. It was blue overalls with little white specks, trimmed in another blue and had gold like snaps. He didn’t know why but he feel in love with them. He wanted them so bad. His mom was unsure at first because all the elephants didn’t wear clothes; it was in their nature after all. She decided why not, no harm in it. He was so excited.

The following Monday, Elephante’ decided to wear his new overalls to school. Everyone started pointing and laughing at him. “Freak!” “Why are you so weird?” “You’re so stupid!” Even the teachers thought he was being a little weird.

Elephante’ felt even worse about himself. He wondered why they couldn’t accept him the way he was? Was there really something wrong with him? The parents of the other elephants were also making comments. They couldn’t understand why or how Elephante’s parents could allow him to be that way. They didn’t want their kids to be around him. His parents tried to talk to the school but all they said was that he shouldn’t be wearing clothes and acting so weird; that he is causing a disturbance. His parents were outraged. They told the school that he should be however he wants to be without worrying about his safety, emotionally and physically.

Elephante’ didn’t want to go to school anymore. He didn’t even want to go outside because no matter where he went, he was teased. He felt so lost and alone. Nobody was doing anything about the issue and his parents could only do so much. He had no choice but to go back to school.

The next day he didn’t wear the overalls. The kids teased him even more so. “Where are your clown clothes?” “You’re a weirdo.” They even started to throw things at him and threaten him. He couldn’t take it anymore and tried to stick up for himself. It turned ugly and he ended up getting into trouble along with one of the bullies. Later that nigh he felt the worse he has ever felt in his life.

When he woke up in the morning, he just laid there. He didn’t want to face another day of teasing. He took a deep breath and decided to wear his overalls. He was being teased no matter what so why not continue to be himself. Then it hit him, so what if he was weird? It’s what made him different from the others. Different is a good thing. At least he was being true to himself and did what made him happy. That’s all that really mattered. He knew he was going to do something good with his life.

Elephante’ put on his overalls and went to school with his head held high. It was very hard but he knew he didn’t need those negative elephants in his life. He would rather be friends with someone who was nice and liked him for who he was even if it took a long time to find that elephant friend.

As time went on, the other elephants started to see a change in Elephante’. Soon the teasing became less and less. As the years went by, Elephante’ learned how to make his own clothes. He also got into making hats and scarfs.

Elephante’ also got more into his art. He would take his clothes and art, give them as gifts and to sick little elephants. At first no one knew what to make of the clothes. As they put on the clothes, they realized it was all pretty cool. It made the little elephants excited. This is what he wanted to do, make clothes and art for everyone.

As Elephante’ got a lot older, he made some friends and even a girlfriend. He started his own clothing line and store. He sold his art to bring in extra money. His clothing store was a struggle at first because it still took awhile for others to get into wearing clothes. After a couple of years, his business finally took off.

Elephante’ soon after got married and had kids of his own. He then started making clothes for other animals. One night sitting on his deck porch, looking at the stars, he thought back to everything that has happened in his life. He was so glad he worked hard and pushed through all the negative things that happened in his life and stuck to being himself no matter how tough it was. He has made himself a better elephant and a happy one. For those bully elephants, they are now wearing his clothes and are not truly happy with their lives. 

No matter how hard things may be, how lost and alone you may feel, if you stay true to yourself and work hard, one day you can be like Elephante’



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