Time Travel: Back In Time

If I could go back in time, I would go just to observe. I would have to disguise myself so I couldn’t get recognized or people asking to many questions. Even though I would want to, I would not get involved in anything for fear of creating the butterfly effect. I could see, do and learn so many things and possibly learn things about myself.

I would have to take a few things with me. Some water, a digital recorder, tissue, digital camera that has video, batteries, note pad with a pen and extra memory cards. The note pad and pen is in case I am in a situation where talking would cause me to be in danger or noticed.

The first place I would go back is the dinosaur age. I would stay clear of them, study and document them. I would make sure I have a quick escape just in case. I have seen ‘Jurassic Park’ and learned what NOT to do. I would of course do a lot of studying about them and take some notes before I left. I would bring the notes with me too. While studying them, I would see what they really looked like, how they moved, how they lived and all the other info that scientist can only guess at.

After stopping back at home to unload all my data, the next era I would go to is the caveman era. I think it would be very interesting to watch early man. Again I would have to make sure I was hidden because not only would they freak out & I would mess up the timeline, I wouldn’t want some caveman dragging me off to mate with me. I don’t mind four play but that is a little extreme. lol I think it will also be interesting to see how much we have changed and how much we haven’t.

The next era I would visit is when Jesus was born, when he was an adult and died on the cross. I know that I would not be able to understand the language and not really know what Jesus really looked like but I am sure I could find out and document what I see. This is where I would do as much recording as I could. It might be easier to figure out what was going on at home instead of doing it right there. I would want to know what REALLY happened and not what religions say what happened. I would love to be able to talk to the man himself but not knowing the language would make it impossible.

I then would visit other eras and in different parts of the world, seeing for myself history being made. I would have to be careful during WWII because with my looks, I would easily be gassed if I were anywhere near the Nazis.

After doing a tour of history, I would love to observe my family and friends lives. For my friends, it will be interesting to see where they come from and the experiences they encountered. I don’t want to be nosy or anything, I just find people’s history to be interesting. When it comes to my family, I would love to know my ancestors, the things they had to go through and their lives in general. Including my grandparents, my parents etc.

Last would be viewing my life. I think “reliving” my life from an adult’s point of view would be interesting. I wonder if I would judge myself harshly or give myself a break. To remember things I have forgotten and to say “that is why I think or feel this way now” would be a learning experience. To see the people I have lost one more time would be hard but also a pleasure. To see some of my favorite toys and the few friends I had would be so cool. I just wouldn’t want to see the bullies. I would have to do everything in my will power to not get back at them.

For the beginning of my journeys, I do realize it would be pretty hard to travel, to know the exact locations of things and the exact date and time. This will take a LOT of homework, guessing and pure luck.

The second part of the time travel would be hard also. There is no way I could be inside a house etc and explain who I was so I could observe certain things. Turning invisible is not an option since there is no such thing. ;-] The only thing that could work was that when I go back in time, I am invisible to everyone and animals around me so I couldn’t interact with them and accidentally change time. I wouldn’t literally be invisible, I would be more like a ghost to those around me.

Once I was done with all my travels, I would gather all my info and write a book about what I experienced. Possibly do videos on youtube even though I hate being in front of the camera. I know I would have disbelievers and haters especially when talking about religion but that’s ok. In the end I know what I experienced and the evidence I had would be real.  Going through time would be an awesome way to learn the history of life.

While writing all of this, I am now coming up with a story to write. CRAP! I have so many stories already that I want to dive into. The story(ies) would be about what I just talked about but it would be like if it really happened. The hard part for me is that it wouldn’t be a kid’s story nor a short story which I am used to writing. It would have to be a novel, maybe a total of three. I have never done anything like this before and it would be very challenging but I am still going to do it. Thanks for taking the time to read my rambling. I have two more things about this subject that I want to write about when I can. These are the weird things that pop in my head. Then I must write to get it out. :-]


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