Someone Special

Here is a poem I wrote awhile back that fits in with Valentine’s Day.

To someone special
You melt me with your smile
Your cute little laugh
Your words, your voice
Warms my heart
Makes me smile
Helps me through the day
The way you look at me
So deeply with love
With caring and passion
I can feel it wash over me
Like the ocean tide on a beach
You hold me so close
Our hearts beat together as one
Feeling so warm, so comfy
When you touch me
Ever so gently
I get shivers down my spine
The touch and feel of your skin
Drives me insane
When you kiss me
I’m in heaven
I know I’m yours forever
When we come together as one
I can see your love
Feel your love
A powerful feeling
Like  lightning in a storm
Just the thought of you
Makes me smile
I love you
My special someone


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