The Magical Kitten

Here is one of many short kid stories I have written. The only reason why I don’t have my stories published is because 1 – I don’t know someone who can draw, will be willing to draw for free (no money to pay) and someone I can trust to do the drawings. 2 – I don’t know who to get a story published or even noticed by a publishing company. Well here is my story.

The Magical Kitten

There was this girl named Katie. She loved kittens. One day when she went for a walk on a trail by her house, she saw this cute orange and white kitten lying in the sun on the grass.
When Katie stopped to pet the kitten, the kitten began to speak. “Hi little girl, I am a magical kitten. I will give you three wishes. If you don’t like the wish, just yell “KITTEN !”, and your wish will disappear. However, once you use a wish, that’s it. You can’t get it back, so be careful.”

Katie was in awe. She never saw a magic kitten before. Katie thought long and hard about her first wish. Since Katie REALLY loved kittens, she asked for 100 of them!
“Cute little kitten, I wish I could have 100 kittens,” said Katie. The kitten said, “Are you sure you want that many? It’s going to be a handful.”
“Yes I do and I can handle it,” said Katie.
“Ok, your wish has been granted,”said the kitten. So with a wave of the kitten’s paw, her wish was granted. Now 100 kittens surrounded Katie!

At first everything was fine. Then after awhile Katie got bored and wanted to be left alone, but the kittens would not leave her alone! No matter what she said or did, the kittens would follow her, jump on her and try to play.

Then the kittens started meowing like crazy. Some of the kittens started to become too much for her. Katie remembered that the magical kitten said to call him if she didn’t like her wish, so she then yelled, “KITTEN!!” The 100 kittens disappeared and the magical kitten was there.

Katie says to the kitten, “I am sorry, I thought I could handle it but I guess I was wrong.”
“Well you still have 2 more wishes so make them good.” Said the kitten.
Katie then thought and thought about what she wanted for her second wish. She then figured that since she had only two friends, she could wish for more.

“Cute little kitten, I would like to wish for twenty friends,” said Katie.
“Ok, but I don’t think it is a good idea,” said the kitten.
Once again the kitten gave a wave of his paw, “As you wish,” said the kitten. Katie’s wish was granted once again.

Twenty friends now surrounded Katie. Katie was playing with them and having lots of fun.
There were so many friends, Katie couldn’t play with all of them. After awhile the kids that did not get to play with Katie, started to become jealous. The kids that were being ignored started to fight and argue with each other. At this point, Katie realized that this was not a good wish either.

Once again, Katie yells, “KITTEN!!” Just like the kittens, the kids disappeared and the magical kitten appeared.
“See, I told you it wasn’t a good idea to have that many friends all at once,” said the kitten.
The magical kitten says, “You know have one more wish left, so be very careful how you use it.”

Katie begins to think really hard. After about five minutes, Katie realized that she was happy with what she had in life except for one thing, no kitten. Katie looks at the magical kitten and gets an idea.

Katie goes over to the kitten and asks, “Do you have a home?”
“No I don’t,” said the kitten, “but I wish I did have a loving home to go to.”
“I now know what I want my last wish to be. I wish my mom will say yes that I can have a kitten and that kitten I want to keep is YOU! So will you let me take you home and keep you?” asked Katie.

“Yes of coarse I will let you take me home and keep me. I like you. What will be my name?”asked the magical kitten. 
“How about Sherbet?” Asked Katie.
“Ok, that will be great!” said the kitten excitedly. So Sherbet got his wish too, he get’s to be in a loving home. Katie and Sherbet the magical kitten lived happy ever after.


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