Movies Coming In 2014

It’s the time again where I tell you some of the movies that are coming out this year. For the trailers, I will just post the links. If you want to see the full list, you can go to This is where I always go to find out what is coming out for the year(s).

For the month of Jan.

1) Devil’s Due – this to me seems almost like a Rosemary’s baby with some Omen to it. Could be good.

 Devil’s Due Click Here

2) Gimmie Shelter – A girl has a drugged mother and she tries to make a life for herself and finds out she is pregnant. It says it’s based on a true story. It looks interesting enough.

Gimmie Shelter Click here

3) I Frankenstein – It looks like a modern day Frankenstein who helps the war between good and evil. It looks like it might be good but I don’t know. We’ll see.

I Frankenstein Click Here

For Feb.

1) Vampire Academy – Not to sure what this one is about but it is based off the book. It looks to be a teen movie. It looks like a human teen is friends with a teen vampire and tries to protect her. Not sure.

Vampire Academy Click Here

2) The Lego Movie – A cute kids movie about Lego people trying to save their world. Looks cute and maybe funny.

The Lego movie click here

3) Robo Cop – A remake of the classic. Sometimes remakes are good and sometimes they are not. Hopefully this one will be good.

Robo Cop click here

4) About last night – This was an 80’s classic with Rob Lowe and Demi Moore. This new one seems to be the same premise but an updated version. A boy meets girl, fall in love, have issues and see where it goes kind of movie.

About last night click here

For March

1) A haunted house 2 – Just like the last one, a parody of scary movies.

A haunted house 2 click here

2) Need for speed – This trailer isn’t clear what it’s about but I am assuming is from the video game.

Need for speed click here

3) Veronica Mars – based off the tv show.

Veronica Mars click here

4) Muppets most wanted – Kermit has a twin that is wanted for robbery. So naturally there is a mix up. It’s the freakin muppets, need I say more? Can’t wait.

Muppets most wanted click here


1) Captain America: the winter soldier – What can I say, it’s Captain America 🙂

Captain America click here

2) Island of lemurs: Madagasar – This one is a documentary movie about lemurs in madagascar. It looks to be a cute movie for the family.

Island of lemurs click here

3) Bears – This is also a film documentary. It’s done by Disney. Again it looks to be cute.

Bears click here

4) Earth to echo – They don’t show much in the trailer but basically it’s an alien movie.

Earth to echo click here


1) Amazing Spider-man 2 – I don’t know who the new vilian is going to be since I don’t read the comics but it looks to be pretty cool.

Amazing Spiderman 2 click here

2) Lengend of Oz: Dorthy’s return – It’s a cartoon; Oz is in trouble again and Dorthy goes to help them. I don’t know about this one but kids might like it.

Lengend of Oz click here

3) Godzilla – He’s back and he’s pissed. Awesome!

Godzilla click here

4) Xmen: days of future past – According to my hubby, this was one of the best x-men comics. It looks to be awesome.

xmen click here

5) Maleficent – This is a different and darker take on Sleeping Beauty. I think it is more about  Maleficent though. Not sure if it’s good family movie though but looks really cool.

Maleficent click here


1) 22 Jumpstreet – It looks to be more of the same of the last one.

22 jumpstreet click here

2) How to train your dragon 2 – This trailer didn’t really show much. : / But I’m sure it will be a good movie.

How to train your dragon 2 click here

3) The Purge 2 – More of the same of the last movie.

The Purge 2 click here

4) Transformers 4: age of extinction – again this trailer doesn’t show much. What’s the point of having a trailer when they tell what the movie is about? Anyways, it’s Transformers so who knows how it will be. 

Transformers 4 click here


1) Deliver us from evil – I can’t find an actual trailer for this movie so I don’t even know what it is about. I just know that it’s a horror movie.

2) Planes: Fire and rescue – It’s another Cars/Planes movie. In this one they focus on fires and rescue. Looks like a cute family movie.

Planes click here

3) Dawn of the planet of the apes – Part two of the prequel to Planet of the apes. Can’t wait.

Dawn of the click here


1) Teenage mutant ninja turtles – With all the negative I have heard about the movie, I don’t know if it will be good or not. Maybe they changed those things. I guess in Aug. we will find out.

TMNT click here

2) Sin city: A dame to kill for – There are no trailers for this one yet. All I find are fake ones and ones where they just about the movie coming out. 

3) Guardians of the galaxy – This one is based on the Marvel comic. There is no trailer for it yet.

4) Into the storm – There is no trailer for this one either. It is about storm chasers dealing with a tornado super cell that touches down. It’s supposed to be one of those movies that is looked through video cameras and cell phones. So I guess like ‘Twister’ but updated. 


1) Resident Evil 6 – So far these movies been good. There is no trailer. I think it’s safe to say the rest of the movies won’t have trailers. I will still check to make sure though.

2) The green inferno – A group of student activist go to the amazon to help a group of people there. In return, they are the ones in trouble. This one has a trailer.

The green inferno

3) Addicted – This movie is about a wife who has everything but becomes addicted to sex with other men and things turn ugly.


1) The Vatican tapes – This is a possession movie. A girl has an ancient demon in her and is more powerful than they realized.

2) Dracula untold – Dracula before he was a vampire and how he became one. Sounds interesting.

3) Paranormal activity 5 – yes, another one. A new family moves in and has creepy things happen. 

Paranormal activity 5


1) Dumb and dumber to (that is how they are spelling the word two) – 20 years later, Harry and Loyd try to find one of their own children

2) Horrible bosses 2 – The first one was good so hopefully this one will be too

3) Hunger games: mocking Jay part 1


1) The Hobbit: There and back again

2) Night of the museum 3 – Hopefully it will be just as good as the first two

3) Paddington –  This is going to be a live action one. It is based off the children story. Should be cute

4) Annie – The classic musical we all know

These next movies have no release date yet but should be out this year.

Max Steel, Clerks 3, Devil’s knot, Tarzan 3D, Pinocchio 

Here is a list for some movies to come out in 2015

Popeye, Promethus 2, Snow White and the Huntsman 2, Doc Savage


Amityville, Frankenstein


Poltergiest, 50 shades of Grey


Cinderella, Penguins of Madagascar


Insidious 3, Fast and the furious 7


Avengers: age of ultron, Mad max: fury road


Jurassic world, Fantastic four


Terminator: genesis, Despicable me minions


Smurfs 3, Bourne identity 5


Hotel Transylvania 2


Jungle Book


The Peanuts, Hunger games mocking jay 2


Star Wars VII, Mission impossible V

For 2016

Avatar 2, Ice age 5, Finding Dory, Amazing Spider-man 3, Independence day 2, Planet of the apes 3, Alice in wonderland 2, The Flash, Star Trek 3, Doctor strange, a Star Wars spin off, War craft, The mummy, Batman vs Superman, X-men apocalypse and Pirates of the Caribbean: dead men tell no tales.

Even more cool movies in 2017. So there it is, some of the movies that are coming out this year and in the next few years. What are you looking forward to seeing?


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